About Awake

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” (Ephesians 5:14)

Awake is a youth conference organized by an association of like-minded churches, through Love Maharashtra Pune. The purpose of this conference is to challenge young adults to embrace the glorious Lord Jesus Christ and his purposes with resolve and with passion, for the transformation of the church in India. Our desire is to encourage young adults to be true disciples of Jesus, and to be active members of their own local churches so that the nation is reached with the Gospel.

The pressures of sin, the world and the devil press against us now as ever in our generation. Scripture warns us of the perils of giving into doubt and the deceitfulness of sin. Jesus Christ has come to bring us fullness of life, to save and to empower all who believe in him. So, with Paul, we cry “Awake!”. We take young people seriously – we don’t have to entertain young believers to keep their attention. We know that by the grace of Jesus, passionately committed young adults have transformed and will transform history for the cause of Christ: by the scriptures, through the local church, for the glory of God. This is our prayer, and our call:

Awake! Believe in Jesus for forgiveness and salvation!
Awake! Abandon your life for the cause of Christ’s church!
Awake! Fight sin and temptation with a passion!
Awake! Lay aside the snares of worldliness!

Come, join us this year for Jesus’ name sake.

Affiliated Churches

Christ Community Church,
Pune Jeevanth Asha Church, Pune
Disciples Community Church, Pune

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